Doll White Whitening Strips (£12.99)

First of all I want to thank Doll White for sending me these whitening strips. I’m all about new and quirky techniques for teeth whitening and these strips looked promising containing no peroxide and being mint flavoured! So I tried these strips for 7 days…

You receive a cool white box with the doll white logo across it and on the back are instructions for use and a disclaimer and contact details for the company. When you open the box you find black sachets (with the doll white logo) that contain the pairs of whitening strips. Upon opening you are presented with a clear plastic sheet with clear gel like strips, one for the upper and one for the lower teeth. I like how the strips are different shaped to mould to the contours of the gums.

The gel strip goes on easily to the teeth however it soon starts hardening and can be uncomfortable to some. Also the mint flavouring is very minimal if any. The box says to leave the strips on for 30 mins which is a reasonably long time however it is a good idea to put these on first thing in a morning so that you are occupied enough to pass time. You then dispose of the strips and rinse your mouth.


After 7 days, I have to say the effects, were mediocre… My teeth were whiter straight after using the strips compared to the overall 7 day effect. In the long term, these strips are good for reducing stains from coffee etc. I would definitely recommend these whitening strips for an event e.g. prom or a wedding but in the long term I would prefer something stronger.

Thank-you for lasting through the whole blog post and head over to www.dollwhite.com to see what other amazing products they have to offer. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments down below. Please don’t forget to subscribe!