The Best Photo Editing App! (Enlight)

^^^ Click to download from the Apple App Store!!!

Honestly, this is the best photo editing app I have come across and trust me I’ve been through a few… Its definitely worth the 79p! I personally found Photoshop way too hard to use but this app called Enlight is so simple and easy to use all the big Youtubers are using it. It also gives you easy to follow tutorials to help you bring out the best in your photos.

We’ll start from the easy and simple menu. The first item is names “canvas.” It allows you to flip, crop and rotate a picture with the ultimate precision. Also you can skew your photo just in case it was taken at slightly the wrong angle. The re-fit feature lets you delete chunks out of the middle of a photo with ease. Then we see the image and filters tab where you can either manually fine-tune the lighting and composition of your photo or choose from a large range of┬ánatural looking effective filter that will change the whole feeling of your picture! What I love about this app is that everything can be fine-tuned and adjust exactly to how you want it. No questions asked!

My favourite item is the “tools” section. In this section you can seamlessly blend two photos to create an amazing effect. You can re-shape your photo to slim and contour any part of your picture to hide them imperfections we feel are present.

The usual doodle and text tools are present. The menu finishes with a “finalize” section so that we can frame or make a collage or even instafit our photos to use on Instagram.

You can then upload your photo to most social networks and save the picture in really high quality. This app is like multiple photo-editing apps all rolled into one, it is the new must-have in this digital age.

To download click the link below to go straight to the Apple App Store: