Natural Yet Effective Skincare

The skincare industry is now a multi billion pound industry and there has recently been an important focus on the use of natural products/ingredients that still have effective results. I was so excited when I discovered SBC Gels! Founded in 1988, SBC create renowned ranges of powerfully active natural skincare and body care that really works. I received a few of their products (mainly the Vitamin ACE range) and have been using them for a while now and here’s what I think and what I’d rate the products based on their effectiveness.


Skin Shammy – Face Cloth – 4/5


For £5, this is a really good value for money. It is a soft and smooth cloth that is hygienic and is good for removing all traces of a cleanser. Made from a non-snag fabric, and also having a water and heat retention capacity,  this is also a super shaving cloth for opening up the pores and softening beard hair before shaving. It is really good for those people on-the-go as it can fit it any toiletry bag. It smelt of washing up liquid when I opened it but this is just the preserving solution that it comes in!

All Skins Face Polish – 5/5


I’m not really one for exfoliating cleansers as I feel they block my pores, but I really like this one! It is gentle yet exfoliates deep enough, leaving the skin polished and smoother. The mix of Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea, Bilberry and Horsetail tone and firm the skin while also providing antioxidant care, promoting micro-circulation in the skin. The Jojoba wax beads and Elderflower lift impurities and polish the skin leaving it silky smooth. This smells absolutely AMAZING! I found that it left my skin polished and hydrated – where I find that most other exfoliating cleansers strip the skin of its natural oils! However, this isn’t recommended for sensitive skin as it may be slightly irritating.

Cucumber Skincare Gel – 4/5


Infused with Vitamin A, this skincare gel is really soothing and hydrating. The refreshing cucumber extract, promotes a more youthful appearance and reduces the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and shadows. This gel is perfect for those who get irritated skin and also to soothe sun-burns etc. I like to use this gel as an eye gel, however when my skin is feeling dry, I use it all over and love how soothing it feels.

Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser – 5/5


My favourite product that I received! This versatile cleanser removes all traces of make-up and oils and moisturises the skin at the same time. This cleanser contains soluble Collagen from fish so gets to work straight away when it comes into contact with the skin. I don’t like when cleansers strip away everything however this cleanser leaves the skin feeling smooth, hydrated and glowing. This, in combination with the skin shammy, work together to cleanse deep inside the pores to tighten and brighten the complexion. This product also won the ‘Best Cleanser in the QVC Italy Customer Beauty Awards 2016.’

The Vitamin ACE range is scientifically, very interesting! It uses the latest technology (Oxysomes) where brightening Vitamin C and refining Vitamin E are delivered encapsulated to revitalise dull, dry skin. The Vitamin A boosts moisture and the Mediterranean derived Tomato, Olive and Fennel oils unite with soothing Propolis to preserve beautiful skin.

Vitamin ACE Shower Gel – 4/5


This shower gel is so revitalising! It is refreshing and reviving for those early 9am starts!  The sensation is almost like beads on the skin however they soon split and get absorbed. Definitely a great product for those concerned with ageing! I would recommend using a loofah etc. to really rub this shower gel all over the body to ensure that the Oxysomes really absorb into the skin.

Vitamin ACE Hydra-Gel Serum – 5/5


I love how intense this serum is! Using the Oxysome technology, this serum is so hydrating however unlike some serums, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling shiny or greasy. I would be more than happy to just wear this serum on it’s own but have loved the combined effect of the Vitamin ACE range. Only a few small pumps are required so a little really does go a long way! The serum is ionized so is attracted into the pores when applied.

Vitamin ACE Skincare Gel – 4/5


Another key item in the Vitamin ACE range, this skincare gel is really important in hydrating and moisturising the skin. The Oxysomes have a real massaging effect and sooner or later disappear into the skin to deliver their vitamins. I use this as well as the cucumber gel as this is favoured for all over the skin whereas the cucumber skincare gel is best directed in the eye area. Once again a little does go a long way and this 250ml bottle will last you many months!

Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream – 3/5


Although this cream is really good in it’s balancing properties, I feel as though it isn’t as important and useful as the skincare gel. I would definitely recommend this for people with dry skin as this (in combination with the serum and skincare gel) would ensure a maximum level of hydration. I know that this cream will definitely help in the winter as that is when my skin feels most dry and damaged!


I hope you enjoyed this in-depth review and have absolutely loved using all these products and will continue to use them! Definitely check out the SBC Gels website and also follow them on their social medias! If you have any skincare problems don’t be afraid to get in touch!

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