Visit to the Kyles Workshop

I was so thankful when the team at Kyles invited me to their beautiful showroom and showed me around their workshop to see how their stunning jewellery is made. The Kyles Collection begun in 1990, when the creators Malkit and Nisha Dadi started designing their unique jewellery pieces. The brand is inspired by the romantic location, the creators original home, near the Kyles of Bute in Scotland. The lotus flower logo represents the serenity that the brand is all about. Staying true to their roots, Kyles jewellery have a large flagship showroom in London and their designs are shipped all over the world! You can view their amazing ranges at Read on to learn more about the brand and an in-depth talk-through on how their jewellery is made.


The main Kyles headquarters is based in their two floor showroom, in London, that has a special bridal lounge. This allows for customers to be able to browse, stay for complimentary drinks or even have a designer consultation if they please. The service provided at Kyles is extra-ordinary! They are literally by-your-side from the initial design consultation, all the way through to the big day. The team explore everything: the dress, and detail through to hair and make-up to skin tone and physique. The jewellery is literally made down the road so you can be assured that it will turn out PERFECT! Kyles even attended the annual summer garden party at Buckingham Palace and has membership of the British Jewellers Association and the Guide of Master Craftsmen.

Kyles ever-changing collection is made with a rainbow of 80 different Swarovski elements and 7 different plating finishes; so they can perfect your design down to the smallest detail. Firstly the design is drawn up, and rubber moulds are made of the specified design.


Once the components have been moulded, they are joined by hand to create the stunning designs we all know and love. The personalised designs really do begin from the first step as you can create and combine any specific components as to whatever you desire.




You then choose your desired electroplating finish and the nickel-free electroplating means that the colour won’t tarnish and won’t irritate your skin. Once the main body is constructed the Swarovski elements are all inserted by hand and each piece is checked thoroughly under a magnifying glass to ensure that it is perfect.


87_1775631153973802288_o 18.47.04

The amazing thing is that every piece can be customised to EXACTLY how you want it, so you always know that your jewellery will be unique to your special day. The combination of first-class customer service and high quality products make Kyles a go-to destination for anyone planning their big day. Here are a few pictures of their most recent collections: kom5-NL


Why not visit their showroom: 100 Green street, Forest Gate, London, E7 8JG or they can be found on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest! P.s – they also design menswear items too! Anything is possible at Kyles.

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