Perfect Gift Idea – MiN New York

This MiN New York Chapter 10 – Onsen fragrance makes such a beautiful gift. I instantly fell in love with the packaging and had to put it into a blog post! The fragrance is really summery and inspired by nature. With notes of Absinth, Bergamot, and Ambergris; this is a plant based fragrance and the pine needles are subtle yet strong enough to create a wonderful scent. You can find this fragrance at on to hear more about the beautiful packaging.


The outer box is a lovely, glossy black with an embossed print and displays the MiN New York emblem. The 75ml bottle then comes inside another high quality black box that closes with a magnet.


You then open the three compartments and on the left hand side you see a certificate of authenticity describing the story behind the fragrance and all its notes. On the right hand side there is a foam rectangle covered with black silk to protect the fragrance in the middle.


The glass bottle is weighty and has a black colouring so you can’t see the liquid. The cap is of high quality and resembles wood – it also closes with a magnet, giving the bottle a classy feel. The bottle itself sits in a beautiful black silk setting, which is what I love most about the packaging!


I hope you enjoyed reading this packaging review and I would definitely recommend these fragrances as a gift to someone you love. You can check them out on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.

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