Ayesha Ziya Fragrances Review

I came back from Denmark to this wonderful package from Ayesha Ziya! I’m sure everyone’s heard of this amazing brand but for those who haven’t, Ayesha Ziya is a fragrance company who pride themselves on their Middle Eastern expertise with unisex fragrances based around rich notes of Oud. Oud, otherwise known as Agarwood is renowned for being one of the most expensive woods in the world. Oud, is a well-known aphrodisiac, both in oil form and as incense, it is often described as “a sweet, deep but balanced fragrance”.


Irum is one of the original fragrances within the range. It is a really light and sweet fragrance. Nick-named “gardens of heaven”, it truly lives up to that name. Containing notes of sweet jasmine and neroli with hints of Amber, this is a great starting fragrance for those venturing into the world of Oud. After a few hours of wear, the fragrance still has a sweet and floral scent – Irum is considered one of the more feminine fragrances, however I’d still wear it during the Summer!

The Oud is another original rich and powerful fragrance. It truly captures the essence of the Middle-East. The strong, sweet and spicy notes are accompanied with lighter floral and fruity notes which allow for the fragrance to be powerful but not overpowering. As time goes on, hints of Oud appear and what is left behind is a rich rose-like scent that is both masculine and feminine.

Islah is another slightly feminine fragrance. It begins with some spicy, citrus fruity notes with a hint of rosemary – making this fragrance really light and fresh. The citrus notes remain throughout the day with the ambergris Oud slowly coming through – transforming Islah into more of an evening fragrance. I love how light and airy Islah is, it is definitely one for the Summer months.

Signature Oud is one of my favourite fragrances in the range and progresses beautifully! It starts off with rich notes of Oud, sandalwood and musk. After a few hours it progresses into the beautiful blueberry and floral notes and this scent literally stayed on my skin overnight! It’s such a good all-round fragrance that is great for daytime and evening use.

Royal Mirage  is another one of my favourite fragrances and is considered quite a masculine fragrance. Instantly, the citrus, bergamot, amber and frankincense notes are present. Then the deeper Eastern tones of warm agarwood, smoke, oud and leather come through with a slight citrus hint. The remaining scent after a few hours is of warm and citrus leather notes. I just couldn’t get enough of this scent!

Once again I would like to thank Ayesha Ziya Fragrances for giving me the opportunity to review these stunning fragrances. I’ve always been a fan of their work and was so grateful tor receive this package. They are on instagram @Ayeshaziyafragrances and don’t forget to visit their site ayeshaziya.com to see their other products, they just recently came out with an amazing room fragrance and bakhoor burner! They also provide gift wrapping and gift sets and would be a great present for Eid and birthdays!

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