Zarko Perfume/ MiN New York Fragrances Review

After waking up to the stress of having to move out of my uni flat, I was so happy to receive this amazing package from Agence De Parfume! I want to thank Katie for this extremely generous package; after smelling all the fragrances I just had to review them in a post as I LOVE the scent stories behind the MiN New York fragrances. Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



From Zarko Perfume I got their No.8 Wooden Chips fragrance. This fragrance has notes of oud, wood, rose and mandarin orange. The woody notes definitely come through and it smells literally like a forest! I would use this fragrance more as a room freshener rather than a body fragrance.


This is by far the cutest story behind a fragrance that I have ever seen. Each fragrance is hand crafted by master perfumers in France, using raw materials. The Scent Stories x MiN New York collection is a collection to evoke memories at a specific time and place.

Ch. 01 – DUNE ROAD – Inspired by summer walks with a crisp ocean breeze. The strongest notes are the cardamom and marine salt. These notes give the fragrance a really wood like scent which definitely resembles a long summer walk through a forest.

Ch. 02 – LONG BOARD – Inspired by the salty surf and warm sun on bare skin. This fragrance also has cardamom and marine notes but with coconut, cream and orange blossom, amber and vanilla. It is really similar to the first scent however the coconut and orange really come through, giving this fragrance a real Persian-like smell.

Ch.03 – THE BOTANIST – A perfume of fruit and flowers with an earthy finish. The strongest notes are the grapefruit, peppercorn and apple with musk. The flower notes really come through and the scent progresses into the notes of musk and ambergrisk. This is a great all day fragrance that starts off really fresh and then goes into a more evening fragrance.

Ch.04 – SHAMAN – A sensual love potion – this fragrance contains hints of mandarin, cardamom, frankincense, nutmeg, rose and honey. The frankincense, mandarin and cardamom are the strongest notes giving this fragrance a really spicy smell.  

Ch. 05 – MOMENTO – A perfume of heritage, the scent evokes flashback of faded memories. Notes of lemon, aldehydes, tarraggon, lavender, rose, jasmine, and wood. This fragrance has a really fruity and citrus smell with slight hints of wood; a really good summer fragrance.

Ch.06 -BARREL –  A slight floral opening gives way to bold & beautiful notes. The oak barrel and leather notes are really bold and strong with the orange blossom pushing through. This fragrance has a smoky, earthy smell.

Ch.07 – MAGIC CIRCUS – A carnival travelling at dusk, this fragrance starts off with a really sweet scent due to the cotton candy notes and then progresses into a spicy musk with hints of caramel and wood chips.

Ch. 08 – OLD SCHOOL BENCH – A noir memory of young artists etching in school. This fragrance has top notes of lemon and bergamot with deeper notes of geranium, cocoa, cedarwood and vanilla. The strong rich wood notes really come through, leaving behind a slight citrus tinge.

Ch. 09 – DAHAB – Dahab means “time goes”, it’s where the dessert meets sea and stars; with Persian notes of cinnamon, saffron, lime, frankincense, benzoin, cedarwood, musk, amber and oud. The oud notes are really fresh, without being too overpowering. The frankincense is also strong and this fragrance leaves behind a really masculine smell.

Ch. 10 – ONSEN – Inspired by Japanese volcanic hot springs, this is my FAVOURITE fragrance. With top notes of bergamot, fennel, rosemary, tarragon. Deeper marine notes with oak moss and ambergris. This scent is really fresh and summery with its pine and thyme hints. I love how “light” this fragrance is as it isn’t too over-powering.

Ch.11 – MOON DUST – It was said that the moon smells of gunpowder after a desert rain – this fragrance has notes of corriander and carrot seed with deeper notes of flint, tobacco, benzoin and black musk. This fragrance is REALLY strong and earthy, it starts off with the flint and tobacco notes and develops into the deeper musk notes.

Thank-you so much if you made it this far through this post! I hope you enjoyed the in-depth review of these BEAUTIFUL fragrances – there is definitely a fragrance suited to anyone and everyone!

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