Slendertoxtea Superfoods Review

I previously reviewed the GREAT Slendertoxtea Day and Night Detox Teas (click here to read the review) so was really excited to review their new Superfoods range. These 100% Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free superfoods are a great addition to any diet to promote a healthier lifestyle. I opted for the Chia Seeds, Wheatgrass Powder and Acai Berry Powder. It is safe to say I LOVED trying these and will definitely be purchasing the others in the Superfood range.


I have been looking for a good supplier of Chia Seeds until I found out that Slendertoxtea stock them. Their raw Chia Seeds are grown and harvested in South America. They are an amazing source of Omega 3 and 6, high in fibre and protein.; these benefits contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. The seeds are recommended to be used in baking goods but can also be sprinkled on any meal – I like sprinkling them on some yoghurt and fruit. Chia seeds promote healthy skin, hair and nails and improve digestion whilst making you feel fuller for longer. These seeds are relatively small and don’t have a distinct taste so are easily added to any meal.

When I don’t have long for breakfast, I like to throw together a quick smoothie and drink it on the go. The Acai Berry Powder is made from Acai Berries that are harvested from the Amazon rainforest. Once picked, they are freeze dried into a powder form and contain amazing properties; high in antioxidants, dietary fibre and healthy omega fats. These all help to increase energy levels and improve cellular health. I love putting two teaspoons of powder with one banana and some milk to make a great breakfast smoothie, but you can also sprinkle the powders onto your food.

The lovely green Wheatgrass Powder is grown from the best seeds of the Wheat plant in china. Wheatgrass powder is extremely beneficial as a natural source of vitamins and minerals. It also provides high levels of Iron and Calcium as well as contributing to healthy brain function. I love how this powder tastes with plain yoghurt and the wheatgrass powder also helps to reduce allergies which is just what I need in hay-fever season!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this in-depth review of the Slendertoxtea Superfood Powders! Head over to and see what other Superfoods are available in their range. They also have: Matcha Green Tea, Chlorella Powder, Spirulina Powder and Maca Powder.

They are also on Facebook and Twitter: @slendertoxtea and on Instagram: @slendertoxteauk . If you subscribe to their newsletter you get 20% off your next order!

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