Environ AVST Skincare Review

I’m back! After a long break due to uni exams I needed to get back to blogging. I was so excited to receive the Environ AVST1 moisturiser and the Environ AVST Hydrating Exfoliant Masque, at the recent Essential Health launch. I can’t believe I haven’t already been introduced to this amazing skincare line! You can’t buy Environ products online, however stockists like Essential Health do stock them.



Environ was founded by leading plastic surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes. It prides itself on the important use of Vitamin A in their skincare and also their unique “Step-Up System”. The Step-Up system was invented to help the skin become accustomed to increasing levels of Vitamin A (and other ingredients) so the skin can receive long-lasting beauty. Vitamin A is the main ingredient in Environ products because it is the only known element to keep the skin healthy and provide anti-ageing benefits. It stimulates skin renewal whilst providing that all important moisture. Vitamin A also strengthens the skin’s outer layer to keep it firm and combat those fine lines and wrinkles!


The AVST1 moisturiser is the first moisturiser in the Step-Up system. It contains low levels of Vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. After cleansing and toning it is applied to the face and neck; twice a day. I love how this moisturiser instantly sinks into the skin and leaves it smooth without a greasy residue. You can really feel it get to work instantly and I love the natural smell it has. It has really improved the firmness of my skin!


The most exciting discovery is the AVST Hydrating Exfoliant Masque! Constantly battling with an oily t-zone, I was so glad I started using this mask that is designed specifically to hydrate the skin and remove excess oil. The inclusion of fine clay, kaolin, mineral oil and vitamin E help to remove excess oils and the clay acts as a micro-exfoliant. The product applies white to the face and gradually dries to clear. It is used all over the face and the eyes! It can be left on overnight, which I LOVE! It really tightens the skin and leaves the skin hydrated whilst no oil being present on the surface. You should only use this mask once or twice a week and I can already fell a rapid improvement in the texture of my skin and the size of my pores due to the reduction in oil. I honestly can’t wait to see the long lasting effects these products have on my skin!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my in-depth Environ skincare review and I definitely recommend you all check out the amazing treatments Essential Health has to offer. They are based at:  14 Lee Street, Barrowford, Nelson, BB9 8NP, United Kingdom and can be contacted on their Facebook page: Essential Health.

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