Paul Mitchell Construction Paste

I have thick, curly hair but have never wanted to apply heat when styling it, so I’m always on the lookout for new hair styling products that provide the right amount of hold and texture. I was so excited to try the Paul Mitchell Construction Paste that has an elastic hold so it provides enough strength to a hairstyle while still allowing for it to move and flow throughout the day!


This construction paste is great for messy and clean hairstyles as the long-lasting fixatives secure the style whilst still remaining pliable throughout the day. It really lived up to its selling point – leaving a no-flake and no-residue finish to the hair. I even tested it in the British rain and it held up really well! It leaves a really nice, shiny look to the hair without it looking like an oil-slick. After 10 hours of wear it did lose it’s form slightly but that was expected.


The application directions are to work a small amount through damp or dry hair and style as required. I always style my hair whilst it is damp because it has more flexibility when styling, however the first time I used this hair paste I used a bit too much so a little really does go a long way! I towel dry my hair and then applied the paste throughout, shaping and styling with a cylinder styling brush. The one down-side I would say is that straight from the tube, the construction paste has a pungent citrus flavour but this scent soon wears off. The paste being paraben free, gluten free, colour safe and vegan definitely is an attractive selling point!

I want to thank Paul Mitchell for letting me review this wonderful product and head over to their site: Paul Mitchell to see what other great products they have to offer. Comment below if you have any hair-care tips and tricks and don’t forget to connect with me at:







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