4 You By You – DISCOUNT CODE ‘AJScorner’

After almost having spent 2 years at university the main two things that effected me were: budgeting and opportunities to do activities in my spare time. I was so excited when the brand 4 You By You got in touch and gave me a discount code for my readers to receive: unlimited access to either 20% off or a Gift With Purchase Worth £5 on most products!


Who are they and what do they do?

Scott Mears from Leeds is the Founder and Managing Director of ‘4 You By You’. Scott spent months of long hard thinking, unpaid and scrimping by, crafting his vision and September 2015 4 YOU BY YOU Ltd was born. 4 YOU BY YOU is a Student Centric web platform, which helps to answer the issues he and all Students face at University.

4 You By You promises to gain long lasting, life relationships with Student Unions and Students. They offer high-end beauty products for men and women with discounts available for each university. They also have a great ‘Tips & Tricks’ section on their site where you can find lots of helpful hints for surviving against the pressures of university. Moreover you can visit the ‘Meet The Brand’ section where you can learn more about the brands you are purchasing.

How do you use the unique discount code?

Head over to http://www.4youbyyou.com/shop.html to browse their amazing beauty products and learn more about the organisation as a whole and what they represent. When at the checkout enter my unique code AJScorner to receive unlimited access to either 20% off or a Gift With Purchase Worth £5 on most products!

I definitely recommend you visit their site, even just to have a read for what they stand for, because as a fellow student I understand the struggles we all face when starting university and the quest for survival. This site definitely helps to develop into a confident student whilst looking great!


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