TurBliss Bioactive Face Mask For Men Review – £18/60ml

I love trying new and unique skincare products because you can never have enough care for your skin. After all, it has to battle against the weather and all the chemicals we decide to load it with! I was so excited to receive this intelligent Bioactive Peat mask and used it straight away. Although the warning of slight reddening due to increased microcirculation did scare me!


Who is TurBliss?

Their website states: Having seen bogs and the industrial use of peat, we started to search for materials about the balneologic use of peat and it`s characteristics.

TurBliss Peat Mask is pure bog plant power that has been maturing inside our Mother Earth for thousands of years. Peat is by composition completely unique as it contains rare organic acids that work its magic on a cellular level. Our products have a high level of humic, fulvic and hymatomelanic acids that penetrate deep into the skin and help the cells start functioning normally. Which means that the skin is then able to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid that are the building blocks of healthy and young looking skin.

Our masks for different types of skin can help clean clogged pores, smooth wrinkles, tone the skin, cure eczemas, efficiently reduce acne, alleviate psoriasis, dermatitis and all in all, make the skin healthier and more vibrant. All TurBliss peat products are deeply purifying. When used correctly peat never dries the skin; on the contrary, it helps to regulate sebum production and dryness in order to make the skin function as it should.

TurBliss products are natural, skin-friendly and harmless to our environment. We dig, analyse and micronize our peat ourselves to ensure high quality and high level organic acids in all our products.


The Bioactive Face mask, specifically for men, contains: balneological peat (raviturvas), tea tree distillate (teepuu lillevesi), peppermint distillate (piparmündi lillevesi), potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

Application and Thoughts

The main take-home message was to never let the mask dry out! So it’s best to apply the mask to a wet face and leave on for 10 mins. Keep wetting the mask if it starts drying and remove with a damp cloth or rinse thoroughly. Reddening DOES occur and at first it seems like your skin is damaged but after 30 mins the reddening subsides, leaving your skin feeling smooth and amazing! It is advised to use the mask 1-3 times a week.

The best thing is that after using this mask, whatever skincare products you apply, they sink in and instantly are absorbed by the skin. It is a great post-shave face mask. The humic and fulvic acids help boost cell renewal and restore normal functioning of the skin. The mask alleviates signs of psoriasis and eczema, stimulates collagen production, effectively fighting the signs of ageing so is also great for sensitive skin. Tea tree helps to heal minor cuts and has antiseptic properties. Peppermint refreshes and revives the skin.

I would rate this product 8/10

So far I am loving this mask and will do a follow-up review in a few weeks to see if the effects are long-lasting. Head over to the TurBliss UK website to see their other products and learn more about this great new company – they have free delivery worldwide!

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