Magnitone Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush Review

Cleansing brushes have now taken over the skincare industry as we delve deeper into our pores for smooth, glowing skin. I was so excited to receive the Magnitone Bare-Faced  Cleansing brush to review! This brush comes with a huge variety of features and inter-changeable heads to suit every skin-type. Visible results from the very first use – the cleansing brush tones skin as-well-as deep cleaning the pores using new Vibra-Sonic™ technology.

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What’s in the box?

So I bet you’re wondering what do you get for £70. The box includes: two mode Vibra-Sonic™ facial brush, Wireless USB travel charger, Splash-proof Travel Pouch, Active clean brush head, 12 month warranty and MyMagnitone membership. So you definitely get your money’s worth compared to some of the other cleansing brushes out there and for all its great features it’s definitely worth the purchase.

Features and Usage

What’s so good about this cleansing brush then compared to the others? The combination of oscillations and vibrations really energises the skin and the pulselift™ toning mode gets really deep into the skin and boosts micro-circulation. You can physically feel it waking up the skin and is great for promoting collagen production for that added ‘bounce’ that we all desire.

The 20 second timer and 1 minute stop gives you three beeps to target the T-Zone, Cheeks and Neck. Also with it being waterproof, I love using it in the shower in the mornings with my Biore Charcoal Cleanser. With it only needing 1 minute, it can be incorporated into anyone’s skincare routine.

I was truly impressed with the wireless/magnetic charger. All you do is plug the charger in and stick it on the brush; it charges the brush from the handle.  You can really feel the quality of the product and all the thought that has gone into it’s design.

With interchangeable brush heads you can find the right brush whether you have sensitive or normal skin. They also have heads for your heels and body! I love the versatility of this cleansing brush! The good thing about this brush is that it helps your skincare products e.g. cleansers and moisturisers to sink deeper into the skin and really take full effect.

I would rate this brush: 9/10

I hope you all enjoyed reading this in depth review and head over to to see their great products and what the company is about. I would love to hear about your stories and experiences with cleanser brushes!

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