Slendertoxtea Day & Night Detox Review

After the secret and not-so-secret indulging over Christmas and the winter period, I certainly needed a full body detox to start-off the new year with a bang. I was so excited to receive these detox teas to taste and review!

IMG_9595 (1).PNG

Daytox (Pink Packet)

Drinking a mug of this every morning certainly kick-starts the day and gives you that boost of energy we all need on a cold, foggy morning. This tea contains: Green Tea, Maté, Hawthorn, Tea, Fennel, Dandelion and Stinging Nettle. This combination of natural ingredients gently cleanses the body without that “I need the toilet” feeling! Both teas have a really acquired smell, similar to a bouquet of flowers, so that’s just to pre-warn you!

Sleeptox (Blue Packet)

This tea is drunk every other night, a few hours before going to bed. I feel as though the Sleeptox has a more rigorous cleansing as after drinking it, within an hour or so you’ll need to “empty your body” of the days toxins… This tea contains: Valerian, Senna, Sacred Lotus, Hawthorn, Tea, Orange, Chinese Rhubarb. Drinking it before bed certainly cleanses the body and gets rid of that bloated stomach feeling. You’ll definitely see less bloating around your whole body!

I hope you enjoyed this short, quick review and would love to know if you guys have tried these teas and what you thought! I highly recommended trying these teas for a quick 2 week detox!

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