Cloud 9 Skin Solutions – Clarity Skin Clearing Spot Gel – £32.00

I was introduced to this spot gel through Grapevine PR and to be honest I’ve never trusted products like this. However, this gel has certainly changed my opinion! This hypoallergenic gel works to reduce inflammation and prevent spots from returning on blemished and acne prone skin. The amazing thing about this gel is that it is clear and invisible so it can be incorporated into any daily skincare routine.


The best thing I found was how quickly this spot gel gets to work. Within a few hours I would see spots reduced in size and redness. When left on overnight the spots would completely disappear. Leaving no dry skin with no irritation, this gel is perfect for those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin. All Cloud 9 Skin Solutions products are hypoallergenic and free from Parabens, Formaldehyde, Sulphates, Phthalates, Artificial colours/dyes, SLS, SLES and DEAs.

To apply this gel, you simply clean the skin and apply once in the morning and once at night. I did find a slight stinging sensation when first using this treatment however that soon subsided and I saw the true effects and instantly saw my skin clearing up. I found that this treatment works on a variety of spot types e.g: blackheads, whiteheads and stress spots. The combination of vitamins and chamomile, helps to get deep within each spot to clear the bacteria that is producing the spots, therefore the spots don’t return.

Although in the more high-end of skincare, this spot clearing gel is definitely a great staple to have in every toiletry bag. It can be used daily for acne-prone skin or can be pulled out for a sly spot or blemish that has decided to appear. I would rate this product 8/10.

I hope you enjoyed this short review and here is the link to the Cloud 9 website to see what other products they have to offer:

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