Argan Dew Hair Mask/Oil Review – 20% Discount Code!


Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to receive samples of the Replenishing Hair Mask and the Miraculous Argan Oil from a company called Argan Dew. This company prides themselves on 100% natural hydration due to the mixture of Moroccan argon oil with other organic plant oils. Argan Oil has really taken over the world of hair-care and I normally style my hair with a few drops of Argan Oil, so I thought it would be a good idea to try out a hair treatment and I was pleasantly surprised!

The packaging is simple, sleek and classy. The sachets of product come in a small card with some history of Argan Oil and it’s uses. On the back of the cards, we have the Argan Dew website and also the other products that the company has to offer e.g: Miraculous Argan Oil, Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask, Restorative Hair Treatment, Lustrous Conditioner and Enriching Shampoo. The cards remind me of opening a birthday card with a present inside!

When using the Replenishing Hair Mask we are told to wash the hair and then apply the mask while the hair is wet. You then leave the mask in and after 5 minutes, wash it out. This hair treatment was DEFINITELY the best product out of the two, as it left the hair silky smooth and soft, without that greasy feeling. I constantly have straw-like dry hair when it has just been washed so this product definitely got the thumbs up from me.

The Miraculous Argan Oil however, I felt was too “oily” for my liking. This product would best be used on its own as I used it straight after the Replenishing Hair Treatment which is maybe why my hair was left feeling too shiny and greasy. The oil can be used on wet or dry hair and can also be used before or after styling which is a plus. The oil smells amazing and fruity unlike many other oils which have no smell whatsoever.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review and also I was lucky enough to receive a code for 20% OFF! To receive your discount follow this link to the Argan Dew website: and enter the code argandew.

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