Amazing Timeless Truth Charcoal Face Mask (£4.90)

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you THE best face mask that i have ever tried, and trust me I’ve been through a few. I was lucky enough to receive this Charcoal Face Mask from Timeless Truth. They are a UK based company who specialise in innovated and patented face masks that use beneficial extracts in a freeze dried powder within the cloth itself (giving one side of the cloth a darker appearance). The mask comes soaked in a serum which therefore gives the face mask double the cleansing power! To top it all off the serum that’s left in the packet you can use as another face mask later on! You’re practically getting 2 for 1!


The Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask is a checkered black and white mask that contains Bamboo Charcoal Extract which is good for deep cleansing and also instantly brightens, smoothes, firms and hydrates the skin. The photo above definitely agrees with all these statements! I followed the instructions by leaving the packet in the fridge for a more refreshing feeling (which felt heavenly). The only personal downside was that for some reason the mask wouldn’t stick to my facial hair, however I left it on for 30 mins and then took it off and massaged the excess residue into the skin. My skin instantly looked brighter and felt smoother and for the first time my pores had reduced in size! A few days later i used the extra serum that was in the packet as a face mask/moisturiser and more or less the same effect was observed.

I would recommend everyone to head over to just to at least check out the different kinds of masks that they sell, ranging from moisturising Deep Sea masks to cleansing Charcoal Extract masks! Let me know if you try the masks and your verdict on them!

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